COVID-19 Safety Control Plan

Following is GAB’s plan to help keep you and your family, our staff and the community safe from the spreading of COVID-19. Plans include the following elements, adapted from the CDC, State and local Boards of Health and the USAG. It is a living document and plan, updated as we learn more.

• Staff will follow the State’s Illness Policy and stay home if any symptoms are present. Symptoms may include: fever (>100.4 degrees), cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, and new loss of taste or smell.
• Staff will wash/sanitize hands frequently.
• Staff will wear masks and adhere to all local Board of Health PPE requirements.
• Staff will be trained on all sanitization and distancing protocols.

Facility Cleaning
• The facility will continue to be professionally cleaned daily with approved disinfectants and sanitizers with a deeper emphasis on surfaces.
• Staff will increase their regularity and attention to sanitizing mats & equipment and disinfecting surfaces such as door handles and counters, throughout the day.
• Hand sanitizing dispensers will be located in an increased number of spots throughout the gym, with a focus at the bars.
• Multiple air circulation units that filter out bacteria and viruses will continue to be employed.
• The water fountain will be shut off, and students are required to bring water bottles.

• Students will be encouraged to wash hands at home before coming to the facility.
• Students will be directed to sanitize hands before, during and after class using sanitizing stations.
• Families and students should not enter the facility if either they or a household member has had onset of illness or symptoms compatible with suspected or lab-confirmed COVID-19 in the prior 14 days.
• Students age 2 yrs and over must wear a mask into the facility and when not able to keep 6 feet apart. Masks can be removed when students are at their own station.
• Families must adhere to the Massachusetts Travel Restrictions to outside States with a higher COVID-19 rate. If they have traveled to an unapproved area, they must quarantine for 14 days or have a negative COVID-19 test.

Entering and Exiting the Building
• Families will use separate entrance and exit to control flow and spacing.
− Entrance will be the door located underneath the red awning, indicated by a green arrow.
− Exit door will be located 20 feet down, indicated by a red arrow.
• Parents are encouraged to drop-off their students and not stay in the lobby.
• A GAB Staff member will help to facilitate students entering and exiting the building.
− Preschool age students must be accompanied to and from the door by a parent or guardian.
− Students K-3rd grade, a parent or guardian must be seen and acknowledged by the door attendant before leaving and allowing the student to continue to the entrance and before the student is allowed to exit the facility.
− Students grades 4+ may walk to and from the doors unaccompanied by a parent or guardian.
• Only 1 parent per student will be allowed in the facility.
• Where necessary, class entry and exit times have been staggered with breaks in between to allow for safe distancing drop-offs and intermediary cleaning.

Office Interactions
• Contactless interactions encouraged, with customers paying and registering over the phone or online.
• Clear Face Shield utilized for Office personnel safety.

Lobby/Viewing Area
• Physical distancing of 6 ft will be observed in the lobby area.
• Parents must wear masks and should remain 6 ft apart from others.
• Parents of morning classes will be allowed to view their students from the lobby unless deemed unsafe by GAB Staff, at which time other accommodations will be implemented.
• Parents of afternoon classes will be given permission to stay in the lobby and watch their students on a limited basis. For busier time blocks, sign-up genius will be used to request a time to view your student’s class.
• Siblings will not be allowed in the lobby.

During Class
• Students will remain six feet apart where applicable.
• No partner activities will be used.
• Props will be temporarily taken out of use (i.e. bean bags, scarfs, etc.).
• The foam pit will be used on a limited basis.
• The Ball Pit will be temporarily closed-off.
• Staff will avoid direct physical contact with students wherever possible (i.e. no high-fives or hugs), and will only spot on a limited basis.
• A traffic pattern map will be used by staff to create a safe flow throughout the gym space, with floor markings and dividing lines when necessary.
• Equipment will be moved, modified or removed in order to create enough space for distancing requirements.
• Intentional stations with waiting spots will be utilized for preschoolers.
• Disinfecting sprays and wipes along with a trash can will be positioned at each station allowing for efficient wipe downs after use.
• Chalk use will be at a minimum and students will not use a communal chalk bucket.

• GAB will be diligently following a cleaning procedure and schedule, with staff logging cleaning events.
• GAB has developed protocols for working with public health to notify staff, students and their families if the organization learns a participant or staff member has been infectious to others while at GAB.
− Will maintain confidentiality of the infected person.
− Has developed plans for temporary closure of the facility and cancel programming to properly disinfect and ensure other students or staff are not infected.
− Will consult the local health department for guidance on specific situations.
• GAB is holding staff training sessions on executing and running classes and practices while social distancing, role playing and practicing operations.

All of us at GAB hope everyone is safe and healthy. Please see our COVID-19 Safety Control Plan to see how we're striving to stop the spread.