Adult Gymnastics Classes

Have you ever been in the lobby watching your child do gymnastics and ever said to yourself, “I would love to learn to do that?” Or maybe you did gymnastics as a kid and always wanted to see if you could still do a cartwheel. Maybe you’ve seen some youngsters on a trampoline and thought to yourself, “I wish I could flip!” Are you a young adult who may have never done gymnastics but has always wanted to give it a try? Regardless of your age or ability, YOU CAN!

Our Adult Gymnastic class is designed to help adults, ages 19 +, work on the gymnastic skills they’ve always wanted to learn while have fun at the same time. No prior experience is needed, while being an expert won’t exclude you either; adults of all levels and abilities will be able to find success. Check the schedule for class times.

Benefits of doing Gymnastics at any age:

  • Develops Coordination Skills
  • Strengthens Muscles
  • Increases Flexibility
  • Teaches Great Work Ethic
  • Builds Confidence
  • Develops Special Awareness
  • Strengthens Cognitive Skills
  • Improves Social Skills

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Adult Class Schedule

Length: 60 minutes
Tuition: $327/quarter or $623/semester
Quarter Dates: Sept 7 – Nov 8, Nov 9 – Jan 20, Jan 22 – Mar 30, April 1 – June 10,
Semester Dates: Sept 7 – Jan 20, Jan 22 – June 10,

Adult Gymnastics1:001:00

Note: We often create new classes, so please contact us if you don’t see your preferred day/time.