Tumbling & Parkour Classes

Grades 4+ (Co-ed)

Backhandsprings – Tumble Trak – Cartwheels -Trampoline – Front Walkovers – Mini Trampoline – Back Flips – Air Trak – Layouts

Need to learn that back handspring for cheerleading? We offer tumbling classes for cheerleaders or anyone else with a desire to learn tumbling and trampoline skills.  Coaches – call about arranging a special Tumbling Time for your Squad here at GAB.

Parkour teaches athletes to navigate obstacles and leverage their body through space by adapting movements to the environment. GAB is the safest place to practice parkour as our instructors are well trained and experienced, and our padded facility is designed to maximum protection and minimize injuries.

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Class Schedule

Length: 60 minutes
Tuition: $276/quarter or $520/semester
Quarter Dates: Sept 9 – Nov 10, Nov 11 – Jan 22, Jan 24 – April 2, April 4 – June 13,
Semester Dates: Sept 9 – Jan 22, Jan 24 – June 13,

(Gr 4+)
(Gr 7+)
(Gr 4+)

Note: We often create new classes, so please contact us if you don’t see your preferred day/time.

We at GAB hope everyone is safe and healthy. Please see our COVID-19 Safety Control Plan for updates on how we're striving to stop the spread.