Grade School Gymnastics

Grade School placement will be based on both physical and emotional readiness. As kids yearn to advance their skills and become more serious about becoming gymnasts they will progress to a more demanding class. Each progressive class will increase in length, difficulty, and option to come more often.

BEGINNER to INTERMEDIATE – Grades k, 1-3, & 4-6: 1 hour
Students will have the opportunity to be challenged and experience success on all types of gymnastics equipment. Basic to intermediate gymnastics progressions on bars, beams, vault, tumbling, rings and trampoline will be the focus. Safety training, body position, strength and flexibility will all be emphasized. The benefit of this class will be enhanced physical developement while experiencing a good feeling about oneself.


INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED – Grades 1-3 & 4-6: 1.5 hours

As our students progress, some of them may desire more time in the gym without the pressure of making a commitment. Skill development will be more advanced for students motivated to learn and who are willing to work hard to progress. This class will be designed to encourage fun in learning and allow the students a longer class time.


INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED – Grades 7 & up: 1.5 hours

This class is designed for those students who are advanced in their gymnastic ability and are looking to pursue their gymnastics career further. These students have the mental ability and desire to handle a more demanding level of gymnastics. The students will learn basic conditioning and follow a more stringent focus on skill development and technique.



ADVANCED – Grades 2 -5: 1.5 hours
Once our students convey that they have a strong desire to develop significantly more advanced skills, and they have demonstrated adequate gymnastic ability, we will invite them to move into our Level 3 Advanced class. This class has a strong foundation of conditioning, strength, flexibility, and skill development. This class is more demanding than any previous class and students must be willing to make a commitment to this program.


“Gymnastics class is the only thing my 2 year old will leave his early morning cartoons for.”
    – Littleton Parent

“When we first started here my daughter was very unsure physically, very timid.  But gymnastics has done so much for her in the way of self-esteem and building confidence in herself.”
    – Westwood Parent

“Our twins had  a blast at their party here, the staff really kept them moving.”
    – Acton Parent

“Wow, your teachers have so much energy!  Our son loves it here!”
    – Concord Parent

Treats for Our Troops Candy Drive

Thank you to all the GAB families that contributed to our Annual Treats for Troops candy drive.  Total amount of candy donated was 545 lbs,  shattering last year’s record of  446 lbs.

Our Goal

“Our goal is to provide a gymnastic program that teaches children and adults that learning is fun. We offer exciting programs, taught by our enthusiastic, caring instructors, for children age 1 through adulthood. Our fun, clean, safe, high-energy environment develops happy, healthy and responsible children.”