Backhandsprings – Tumble Trak – Cartwheels -Trampoline – Front Walkovers – Mini Trampoline – Back Flips – Air Trak – Layouts


Is your child…

*Working on his/her back handspring for cheer leading?

*Looking for some extra floor time in the gym?

*Only interested in the tumbling aspect of gymnastics?

then G.A.B.’s tumbling class is what you are looking for! 



“The teachers at G.A.B. always have control of the class, keep the children engaged, and have them showing steady improvements.”  - Walpole Parent



“Our daughter has come so far with this coaching team since she joined at G.A.B.  She loves learning new skills and is happy with the way the coaches are continually helping her progress.” – Westwood Parent



Well I have nothing but positive things to say.  This is my first experience as a team parent, and I feel well informed regarding practices and meets.  I love the calendar that comes out each month, and I greatly appreciated the email in the early fall that listed the meet dates for the entire year.  I feel fortunate that I have time to get feedback before, during, and after practices from her coaches.  I know that all of the coaches have nothing but my daughter’s best interest at heart.  You work hard to build her confidence, but you are also consistent with giving her critical feedback to help her improve.  I appreciate all of that.
Thanks for all your help this year.


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