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GAB has been teaching children gymnastics for 40 years. We are proud to have so many of our previous students back at GAB Norwood as parents with their own children.


We offer classes for all ages and abilities! We feel gymnastics is a special sport that complements all aspects of life.


Me and my shadow: walking to 3 years (45 minutes)

The children develop many skills while having fun on our preschool equipment. They learn the basics of gymnastics in a safe and fun environment. This class will help develop coordination, body awareness, agility and self-confidence. Early socialization in our active environment will help children learn to listen, follow directions, take turns while engaging in group activities with individual instruction and attention.

Tumble tots: 3-5 years (45 minutes)

This class is geared towards children who are in preschool or entering preschool. The children will learn the basics of gymnastics while having fun on our preschool gymnastics equipment while working up to the larger gymnastics equipment. Children in this class will learn to focus on balance, strength, body awareness all while building self-confidence and coordination. The objective is to have FUN while learning skills.

Advanced tumble tots: 4 and 5 years (45 minutes)

The children should have previous gymnastic experience and mastered specific skills. Teacher evaluation recommended.

Fireflies: Kindergarten (1 hour)

Our fireflies’ class is a beginner class for boys and girls in kindergarten. The children learn all the basic gymnastic skills on all the gymnastic equipment. The children will have fun and get fit while learning. This class is wonderful for kids to acquire strength, body awareness, balance, flexibility all while developing self-confidence.

Super Kids: ages 5-7 (1.5 hours)

This class is for children with previous gymnastic experience and have mastered specific skills. Teacher evaluation required unless child has been recommended previously. This class will focus on the level one Junior Olympic skills.

Lady bugs: (1 hour)

This class is for children with beginner to advanced beginner gymnastic skill level. The class is divided into age groups and skill levels. The children will develop skills on all the gymnastic events with weekly skill and fitness progression. This is a lead up class intended for children to move into the intermediate class level. Self-confidence, strength, flexibility, agility, balance and many other important lifelong tools are a major part of this class.

Butterflies: (1.5 hours)

Intermediate to advanced skill level is needed to enter this class. The children are divided into age groups and skill level. The class will focus on building over all individual fitness and additional gymnastic skills on all events. Teacher evaluation needed if the child has not already been recommended.

Sunflowers: (2 hours)

Thais is an advanced skill level class for gymnasts who have mastered the recommended skills. Teacher evaluation required for this class if not previously taken or recommended. Great class for gymnasts who cannot make a team commitment but want to continue to have fun learning gymnastics.

Tumbling/Cheer: (1 hour)

Children will focus on tumbling skills using the floor, tumble track, trampoline to develop skill progression .The class will consist of strength and flexibly drills to help increase tumbling skills.

Lions: (1 hour)

Beginner to intermediate boys. Children will be divided into age and skill level. They will focus on the basics gymnastic skills on all boys’ gymnastic events and equipment. This class will have fun skill building techniques with weekly progressions to develop over all fitness. Strength, agility, self-awareness, flexibility and much more is achieved while having fun.

Tigers: (1.5 hours)

Intermediate level boy’s class. This class is for boys who have mastered specific skill and have previous gymnastic experience. Skill building and over all fitness will be a major focus in the class. Strength, agility, flexibility, is achieved while building self- confidence. Teacher evaluation is needed if not already recommended.

Mini-team: Invite only

Pre-team: Invite only

*Call the office for Xcel gold, silver and bronze, Junior Olympic level 2 and up team and tryout information.



“The teachers at G.A.B. always have control of the class, keep the children engaged, and have them showing steady improvements.”  - Walpole Parent



“Our daughter has come so far with this coaching team since she joined at G.A.B.  She loves learning new skills and is happy with the way the coaches are continually helping her progress.” – Westwood Parent



Well I have nothing but positive things to say.  This is my first experience as a team parent, and I feel well informed regarding practices and meets.  I love the calendar that comes out each month, and I greatly appreciated the email in the early fall that listed the meet dates for the entire year.  I feel fortunate that I have time to get feedback before, during, and after practices from her coaches.  I know that all of the coaches have nothing but my daughter’s best interest at heart.  You work hard to build her confidence, but you are also consistent with giving her critical feedback to help her improve.  I appreciate all of that.
Thanks for all your help this year.


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