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Gymnastic Academy of Boston offers a wide array of programs for every skill level.

Classes are offered by semester:

Semester 1: September 7 to January 31

Semester 2: February 1 to June 20

Winter Holiday Camp: December 19-23 & 26-30

February Vacation Camp: February 13-18

April Vacation Camp: April 18-21

Look at our programs below to find the perfect class for your child.

Preschool * Grade School * Boys Programs * Stars Program * Tumbling * Team

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Preschool Gymnastics

Me and My Shadow

Age: 18-36months (w/ parent)
Class Duration: 45min
Cost: $360

Morning Special: (Monday-Friday)  $342

G.A.B. creates a safe, nurturing environment to introduce toddlers to the fun and exciting world of gymnastics. Fun games, colorful equipment and squishy mats help children learn physical coordination, build self confidence and learn independence. We change our obstacle courses every two weeks so that children get familiar with a routine, and can master it.

Tumble Tots

Age: 3-4 years (w/o parent)
Class Duration: 45min
Cost: $375

Morning Special: (Monday-Friday) $356

Our tumble tots program focuses on the fundamentals of gymnastics. By learning new tricks and playing fun games, children learn safe ways to use their body, skills that they will keep their entire lives. Children develop body awareness and self confidence, as they achieve goals throughout the year.

Grade School Gymnastics

Acro Kats

Class Duration: 1hr
Cost: $430

A strong supportive environment and caring staff teach kids to celebrate movement through the vocabulary of gymnastics. Ever greater physical confidence, discipline and coordination our learned through this consistent and exciting program.

Fire Flies

Class Duration: 1hr
Cost: $430

In our grade school program, gymnasts are introduced to fun strength and form building games and exercises. This gives them the tools to meet their physical goals. Gymnasts also begin to explore a greater range of equipment such as the uneven bars and high beam.

Intermediate Girls I

Class Duration: 75min
Cost: $525

For older girls who want to continue their love of gymnastics, but who are disinclined to move towards competitive gymnastics.

Intermediate Girls II

Class Duration: 1.5hr
Cost $575

For older, more advanced girls who want to continue their love of gymnastics, but who are disinclined to move towards competitive Gymnastics.

Boys Gymnastics

Ninja Boys

Class Duration: 1hr
Cost: $430

This class is specifically created to introduce boys to the skills and equipment that is unique to men’s gymnastics. This class helps boys foster a deep sense of self confidence and camaraderie.

Iron Men

Class Duration: 1hr
Cost: $525

For older boys who want to gain greater control over their body by developing their strength, flexibility and mastery of gymnastics skills.

Stars Program (Invite Only)

The Stars program is an exciting pre-team track for young athletes. The program is by invite only as there are certain skills a child must have to participate. While the end goal is to compete, we believe in having fun along the way!

Mini/Shining Stars

Class Duration: 75min
Cost: $525

This class is for strong, flexible, and athletic 5- and 6-year old girls who are interested in developmental gymnastics. The focus of this class is to increase flexibility, strength, and learn to correct body positions. 

Shooting Stars

Class Duration: 1.5 hrs
Cost: $575

This class is for strong and flexible girls with a strong work ethic and the potential to compete happily and successfully. The focus of this class is on presentation, improving strength and form, and developing more advanced skills. 

Super Stars

Class Duration: 1.5 hrs 2x/week
Cost: $200/mo

These classes are for gymnasts who have mastered advanced skills and are preparing to compete in USAG-sanctioned competitions the following year. This class meets two times per week, and competes at club-hosted meets January through May.

Advanced Programs

Advanced Girls

Class Duration: 1.5 hrs
Cost: $575

Tumbling – Ages 9+

Class Duration: 1.5 hrs
Cost: $575



Class Duration: 1.5 hrs

Cost: $575

For teenagers who would like to explore gymnastics for the very first time.


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Thank you GAB, for fulfilling a mother’s dream of seeing her child happy and looking forward each day to a camp of learning fun. My daughter has really developed and blossomed her social skills, she is certainly not the same shy child that first entered these doors. – A Newton Parent

I wanted to thank you all for a wonderful summer! My daughter had a great time and her confidence has improved almost as much as her agility – who knew our little one could bounce around like that! Thank you for your great work. – A Somerville Parent

Our Parties Are A Blast!!!

Our enthusiastic and experienced party staff will host and supervise your party where they will enjoy parachute games, the ever-favorite Tumble Trak, trampoline, obstacle courses and much more fun, fun, fun!!

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